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Review: Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick (Frost)

ImageSo CVS was saving a beauty sale- some of Revlon’s Moon Drops lipsticks in the Frost finish were 75% off, so I picked up a few shades (I found out later one wasn’t on sale, but I liked it anyway).  Here are some swatches, and my opinions of the lipsticks.

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Recent Makeup Look


Okay, so my beauty post was popular.  I really wasn’t expecting the response I got, but thanks!

So I am going to do a beauty-related post every couple of weeks, so hopefully I’ll keep you all interested enough to wait 😛

Anyway, this batch of makeup is what I’ve been wearing recently.  Some are new, and some are tried and true.

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Beauty Post


Okay, so within the past couple of months I jumped onto the bandwagon of makeup.  I was definitely influenced by beauty gurus and bloggers, along with the fact that I was trying a philosophy of ‘Look Good, Feel Better’.  Admittedly, I am pretty lazy with makeup, and a lot of times I don’t wear a lot.  I do make an effort when I feel like it, because I did invest a lot of money into purchasing these items, and it’d a complete waste if I don’t bother.

Most of these products were purchased within the last two months (some are samples I got from purchasing), aka March and April. Some I have enjoyed, some the initial excitement wore off but I still like and use them, and some I do regret buying.  Of course, all of these items will work differently, and while I did do my research, you can’t research how well or badly you react until you actually use them in your normal environment. 

I won’t talk about all of them, because it’ll a make a long post worse, but if there’s something that you see and are interested in, I might give my advice on it for a later topic. 

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Past Quarter Life Crisis

Hi, long time, no update! Well, things have been… interesting, to say the least. In early August, my grandmother passed away from complications of a car accident she endured ten years ago. We weren’t close, but I adored her just the same, and she still is a big inspiration to me as an artist.

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