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Beginner’s Guide to Makeup

Okay, this post will be something I wish I had read 14 years ago- what do you actually need to get started with makeup?  I learned from the worst person ever- my grandmother.  She believed in everything heavy and dark, and that was completely awful for a 13 year old.  I had heavy rose lipliner and lipstick, thick foundation, blush placed like I was living in the 1980’s…. shudder.  So I decided to help get start people who are just stepping into the vast and overwhelming world that is makeup.

The first and most important step- sunscreen.  This is especially more important if you’re on a strong acne medication or taking Vitamin A as part of your daily regiment, because your face becomes more sensitive to the UV rays.  Even if you’re not- your future self will thank you for this.

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Lips I’m Rocking for Fall

Long time, no post!  Anyway, fall is upon us, and it’s time to adjust your makeup for the season.  While I love my corals and other bright colors, I prefer more muted shades right now, like berries and nudes.  Let’s go ahead and see what are my picks- I’m starting from drugstore to high range, so there are choices for any price!

Cover Girl Lip Perfection in shades Delish (left) and Heavenly (right).  These are pretty underrated- I’ve heard little to no PR with them and I held off from purchasing, but they are a great quality for a drugstore lipstick.  They have a nice range of colors to choose from, and if you pay attention to sales, you can get these for a good deal.  I have three other shades from the line (Fairytale, Hot, and Spellbound), but these two colors are great for fall.  They are on the creamy side, so they’re not amazing at lasting long, but they do leave a nice tint of color after wearing off.  Regardless, I highly do recommend these if you’re looking for a good lipstick.

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Makeup Wishlist

I like to keep lists on thing I’d love to either test or purchase when I financially feel able to (unfortunately, I lost my job earlier this month, so no frivolous spending for a good while); I find lists a great way to cut down on impulsive spending, and keep track on items you’re interested in. Most of the time I write my lists on index cards so they’re easy to take with me, but I’ve run out of cards, so I thought this would be a neat post to make.

Before I start, this is not a pity post (oh woe is me, I’m unemployed and I want stuff whah) because I honestly would be embarrassed if even a family member would purchase anything for me, especially for makeup or related items.  I think I have too much as it is, and I do need to be using some of it up before I purchase more.  This post is to show my viewpoint of what I’m interested in and why, because these items I’ve already tried via samples or purchased them in a different shade.

(Pictures were taken from the Sephora and Ulta websites)

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Recent-ish Makeup Purchases (from May-July)

I’ve become more of a hoard with two more MAC lipsticks- Faux (L) and Fire Sign (R, LE).  Faux is another ‘my lips but better’ color, but with more of a mauve tint to it, and Fire Sign is a nice sheer red-berry color from the Heavenly Creatures collection.  Word to the wise, never online order lipstick during a major heat wave, because despite the best intentions and care from the packaging company, your lipstick WILL melt.  Luckily, my lipsticks only slightly melted, hence the light spotty texture (obvious in the Fire Sign color).

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Mini-Review: Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Mega Shield SPF 15 lipcolor

So I had four $1 off Wet ‘n’ Wild coupons I needed to use, and I have about good things about their lip products, so I gave them a shot.  Unfortunately, I was disappointed with most of them, despite their beautiful colors.  Let me explain why I’m not happy with these purchases, but still hopeful about them.  The colors shown, from left to right, are Birthday Suit, Pink Champagne, Lolly Popstar, and That’s Berry Beautiful.

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Makeup: Recent Favorites

So, I really like makeup- I outed myself with my most recent makeup post, with all of the lip products I currently own.  However, there are some products that deserve to have their own post because I’m using these quite a bit lately.  Some skincare items are there, but the majority are makeup.  These aren’t like monthly favorites, but products I’ve liked for a while, and may change with new purchases.

Okay, so I jumped on the Maybelline Color Tattoos train (with the shades Bad to the Bronze and Fierce & Tangy), as they’re compared to M.A.C.’s Paint Pots a lot.  I use both of these a lot, especially Fierce & Tangy, it’s a nice unexpected base for your shadows- it makes neutrals more coppery.  While I’m sad there are not more neutrals or matte colors, so Paint Pots seem a better choice for neutral bases, these are fun to play with.  I  especially enjoy pairing Fierce & Tangy with my next recent love…

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My Warpaint Collection- Lips Edition

Lip products are my weakness- I *always* seem to find a purpose or a story with whatever I pick up a new one, like I have to justify myself.  Since there so many shades, formulas, brands, it’s really easy to get carried away.  Honestly, some of these I do have buyer’s remorse, that I rode the wave of hype and I ended up not  liking it once I actually tried them.  Of course, I feel weird returning the items I don’t like, but maybe I’ll give them to family if they don’t feel weird accepting barely used products (yes, I’ll make sure they’re sanitized).

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