Recent-ish Makeup Purchases (from May-July)

I’ve become more of a hoard with two more MAC lipsticks- Faux (L) and Fire Sign (R, LE).  Faux is another ‘my lips but better’ color, but with more of a mauve tint to it, and Fire Sign is a nice sheer red-berry color from the Heavenly Creatures collection.  Word to the wise, never online order lipstick during a major heat wave, because despite the best intentions and care from the packaging company, your lipstick WILL melt.  Luckily, my lipsticks only slightly melted, hence the light spotty texture (obvious in the Fire Sign color).

Another MAC purchase is the Fix+ spray.  I’ve owned the travel size for a little while and enjoyed it, so I purchased the full size to keep at home.  It’s a nice spray for finishing your makeup or to remove powder that might make your face cakey-looking.  If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives, again, I recommend Mario Badescu’s Rosewater spray.

I finally hit pan on my Too Faced Amazing Face powder (but I still haven’t finished enough of it to throw away) so I purchased MAC’s Studio Fix powder when I do run out.  I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s highly recommended, so I have high hopes for it!

My last MAC purchases, lip liners in In Sync (B, LE?) and In Anticipation (T).  In Sync is a very light color, perfect for bright and neutral lipsticks, and In Anticipation is for my darker shades.  Again, haven’t really tested these yet, but I’m excited to!  In Sync is from the Beth Ditto collection, but on the website, they’re not listed as limited edition, so I’m sort of confused.

Remember back in May, of my big splurge on Chanel’s $85 moisturizer?  Well, originally I was there to purchase foundation, so I bought this as well.  This foundation is suited for oily skin, hence the matte finish, and I like this foundation a lot.  It didn’t hold up well despite using my beloved LORAC’s aquaPrime, but I did try this during the major heat wave, so it wasn’t given a fair chance.  I’m putting it aside for fall and winter, where it can’t have an excuse to not last.

Okay, “technically” I didn’t purchase these- they’re either samples from other orders or from monthly subscriptions (from Society by Beauty or Birchbox), but I still like these a lot.

This was a 100 point purchase from Sephora back in May, and I LOVE this.  The Argan Oil is natural and extremely potent, so I only need a drop of this in my hair.  You can use it on your face as a moisturizer, and I had no issues with it, but I very much prefer it in my hair.  Josie Maran, while expensive, is a brand I’m definitely keeping my eye on in the future, as I’m getting more curious about vegan/cruelty-free brands.  Later on in the post, I made a big splurge on Tarte, another famous cruelty-free brand.  Once I can afford splurging $40 for the full size, I’m definitely doing so- it’s amazing for my hair.

This Jouer Tinted Moisturizer (from this month’s Sample Society) is really nice and light on my skin, and I really like that it’s oil free.  However, the shade I was sent, Bronzed, is a little too dark on my skin, so I’ve been mainly testing it around my house.  I don’t know if I’d purchase the full size, since I already have a tinted moisturizer and foundation to use up, and sadly I don’t know where they’re normally sold, as I’m iffy about purchasing face products without testing them first.

Another Sample Society sample from this month, this is a moisturizer that I have been really enjoying.  It’s perfect for an evening skincare routine as it’s slightly rich, but in no way heavy.  I was very interested in maybe looking for the full size, but it is retailed for $250.  Way to break my heart!

As mentioned above, I became interested in more vegan/cruelty-free brands after the outcry of Urban Decay’s original decision to sell on China (which they backed out of), and Tarte has become very big lately.  I purchased a Tarte cheek stain back in 2004-2005 when they were more of an indie/boutique brand, so I’m glad to see they’re really successful now!

This is the item that is all the rage right now, along with Revlon’s  Just Bitten lipbalm.  Moody and Joy are very matte, tinted colors, while Glisten has shimmer in it and more of a sheen.  Moody is a nice berry color, while Joy is a medium peach tint.  All shades have a minty smell to them.  I’ve continuously read that the Revlon lipbalms (and Clinique’s Chubby Sticks) are close dupes of this, but the lipbalms don’t have Tarte’s nice range of colors.  I got these when Tarte was giving away a free shade with every $75 purchase (but I stupidly have two in Glisten), and I got Moody on sale from a code from Lucky magazine, so I definitely have enough to last me a while!

The second product I was definitely interested in was Tarte’s primers.  The purple tube reminds me of Benefit’s Porefessional, while I just didn’t like the other two tubes (a regular primer and an eye primer).  The brown tube is not oil free and it felt heavy on my skin, and while the eye primer did make my eyeshadows last a while…. they creased, which I had never had a problem before with Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.  I do like the purple tube, which is better suited for my oily skin- it felt light (but not as light as my aquaPrime), and it did cover my pores decently.

This Amazonian Clay palette (from top left to bottom right- Cocoa, Sand, Bronze, Plum) is actually pretty decent.  They all shimmer, but it’s subtle enough that it doesn’t bother me, and these are nice in color and pigment.  I don’t know if I’d purchase other shades, but these are great neutral shades for an everyday look.

This brush came with one of the sets, and I really don’t like it.  It’s small and doesn’t really flare out like a kabuki brush should, so you’re more likely to get more product than you need without the wide bristles to achieve a natural look. I definitely prefer my Real Techniques Kabuki brush over this.

This Smooth Operator bronzer is a loose powder and actually pretty nice.  I rarely use bronzer, but I’ve been really pale lately and this warms up with my skin with more of a natural sun kissed look.  I definitely recommend this.

This waterproof liner (in Brown) is also really nice- I’ve never used anything but pencil as an eyeliner, but it was an easy transition with this.  However, the brush that came with it, again, is not really good- the bristles are already shedding after one use!  I’m going to experiment with different brushes to see if I can find one that’d work well with this.

These are two mascaras- a sample size of Lights, Camera, Lashes! and a full size of Clay Smart.  I have not used these because there’s other mascara I need to use up, but I’ll let you know how these compare to some of my favorites.

This highlighter, unfortunately, is a bit useless for me because of my oily skin; I naturally have a “dewiness” and due to its pink tint (I have cool-toned olive skin) it’s just not flattering on me at all.  Someone with dry skin might have a better use with it.

My last product of this post- the cheek stain in Flush.  This adds a gorgeous color on me, a natural blushing look to my face.  Since it is a gel, it doesn’t last long on my face (powder works a lot better), but for short trips this is a wonderful item to have.

Except for two of the lip stains, all of these products came in value packs, and except for the Light, Camera, Lashes mascara and the primer trio, they’re all full size.  I saved a bunch of money doing it this way, as normally the products are $20-30 alone, and I think I only spent maybe $100.  Value kits are wonderful to have, as you can test a variety of products without investing too much in them.

Okay, if you read through all of this, you get a nice gold star!  This will probably be my last big purchases post for a while, since I REALLY need to be using up some makeup, but if you guys want a more in-depth review of one of these or any of my makeup purchases in the past, leave a comment and I’ll be more than happy to look into it.


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