Review: Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick (Frost)

ImageSo CVS was saving a beauty sale- some of Revlon’s Moon Drops lipsticks in the Frost finish were 75% off, so I picked up a few shades (I found out later one wasn’t on sale, but I liked it anyway).  Here are some swatches, and my opinions of the lipsticks.

ImageMirrored Mauve

ImageSugar Poppy

ImageApple Polish

ImageCrystal Cut Coral (the one wasn’t on sale)

As you can see, the shades are really pretty, but this was my first time purchasing Frost finish lipsticks, and unfortunately I’m not totally in love with them (but they’re not so bad that I’d never wear them)- I just like a more matte finish.  However, this is not my issue with the lipsticks.  It’s the smell.

Oh my god, the smell.  I’ve been too spoiled with MAC’s vanilla scent that I can’t stand Revlon’s perfume-y scent with these lipsticks.  It’s not like that with all of Revlon’s lipsticks- I own a Colorburst lipstick in Peach, and it does not have that smell.

I’m not going to let these lipsticks go to waste, since the shades are gorgeous.  I am going to use this DIY project from The Beauty Department: .  If you don’t feel like opening a new window, it’s a technique to transfer lipsticks, but I’m going to test to see if I can add vanilla extract or something similar to counter the smell.  Chances are it might stink worse, but it won’t hurt to try anyway.

Overall, these lipsticks had a ton of potential that unfortunately fell flat due to a bad scent.  The shades are great, they do wear well (although a tad creamy for my taste), and if you don’t mind frosted finishes, these would have been a great addition.  I can’t recommend them just for the scent, but I will keep you guys posted on how the DIY project turns out to salvage these.


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