Mini-Review: Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Mega Shield SPF 15 lipcolor

So I had four $1 off Wet ‘n’ Wild coupons I needed to use, and I have about good things about their lip products, so I gave them a shot.  Unfortunately, I was disappointed with most of them, despite their beautiful colors.  Let me explain why I’m not happy with these purchases, but still hopeful about them.  The colors shown, from left to right, are Birthday Suit, Pink Champagne, Lolly Popstar, and That’s Berry Beautiful.

Birthday Suit is the neutral shade of the bunch, but with the shimmer it’s more of a dull golden shade.  This makes the lipcolor less wearable, because the shade’s so light and the shimmer just makes it an unflattering metallic color that really no one could wear this on its own.  If it had a bit of a pink undertone, it would’ve much more wearable.  Instead, you might be able to use it as a base to dilute a brighter lipstick.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this.

Pink Champagne is the light pink color of the bunch, and it suffers from the same issues as Birthday Suit- because this is so light and full of shimmers, it’s just unflattering.  Pink Champagne would have been gorgeous had it been a matte shade instead of a frosty one.

Lolly Popstar is medium toned pink, and this is where the shimmer-metallic formula works in its’ favor.  Because the shade is more towards the dark spectrum, the shimmer really gives the color dimensions, thus being more flattering and wearable.  I think it’s a good lipstick to wear to make a casual look seem more polished.

That’s Berry Beautiful is my favorite of the bunch.  It’s obviously a nice berry-red color, and the shimmer is very minimum here.  If you’re looking for a nice berry shade for when you wanna feel like a vamp without spending more for a few bucks, this is a great choice.

The formulas are very creamy, so don’t leave them in hot places, like the beach or inside a car.  It’s nice that they SPF, but these aren’t very moisturizing, and I don’t like when you do subtle mouth movements that you get shimmer all over your mouth area.  These are very potent and opaque, so if you’re looking for color, these are they.

While I’m sort of bummed these didn’t work out, I will definitely give the brand another chance once a good sale is going on with them.  Until then, I will give these to my family, maybe they’ll like them, haha.


2 responses to “Mini-Review: Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Mega Shield SPF 15 lipcolor

  1. These are so pretty and look really creamy. I like Wet n Wild’s lipsticks. I think I want to try these

    • They’re definitely creamy and the colors are really pretty in tube, I just don’t like the frostiness of the lighter colors, but that’s just me. I definitely think they’re worth trying, because I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked the berry shade.

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