Recent Makeup Look


Okay, so my beauty post was popular.  I really wasn’t expecting the response I got, but thanks!

So I am going to do a beauty-related post every couple of weeks, so hopefully I’ll keep you all interested enough to wait 😛

Anyway, this batch of makeup is what I’ve been wearing recently.  Some are new, and some are tried and true.

For primer, I’m using LORAC’s aquaPrime because it’s still fantastic, but now I’ve slowly been introducing Benefit’s The Porefessional into the mix.  This is a sample, because I wasn’t that optimistic that it’ll do like it’s being promoted as a pore hider.  Believe it or not, I noticed a change!  It did hide my pores, although the effect didn’t last because of my overall oily skin.  I’ll keep giving it a shot until the sample’s used up, to see if I’ll make a full purchase.

For foundation, I’m still using Too Faced’s Beauty Balm, until that’s used up.  My opinion of it hasn’t changed- I don’t hate or love it, I’m just indifferent.  

For concealer, I’m using Benefit’s Erase Paste, another new purchase.  This is also a sample, but I heard good things about it.  I’m also impressed by this, and since I’m sort of desperate for a new concealer as my other ones haven’t worked for me, I think this will be purchased in full size.

For eyeshadow primer, still Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.  Still undecided on repurchasing it, but I definitely won’t purchase the full size, as the sample’s enough for me.

For eyeshadow, still loving Urban Decay shadows in Walk of Shame and Buck.  I can’t wait to add more colors to the mix, but right now I’m good.

For mascara, trying out the mini Christian Dior Diorshow mascara and primer duo.  They’re nice, but I’m not understanding the hype. How do people justify spending $25 for a full size?

For an eyelash curler, I still love Japonesque.  

For eyebrows, I’m sticking to Maybelline Master Brows.  I liked this… until I had to sharpen it, and I don’t feel it’s a good product anymore.  I blame the plastic making it really hard to sharpen this and making it as useful as a wooden eyebrow pencil.

For lips, I’m trying out Fresh’s Sugar Rose lip balm that I received from Sephora for May being my birthday month.  It’s really nice, but again, I wouldn’t justify spending $20+ on a full size.

So yeah, next beauty post- favorites overall new excitements and disappointments with this month’s purchases!


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