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Okay, so within the past couple of months I jumped onto the bandwagon of makeup.  I was definitely influenced by beauty gurus and bloggers, along with the fact that I was trying a philosophy of ‘Look Good, Feel Better’.  Admittedly, I am pretty lazy with makeup, and a lot of times I don’t wear a lot.  I do make an effort when I feel like it, because I did invest a lot of money into purchasing these items, and it’d a complete waste if I don’t bother.

Most of these products were purchased within the last two months (some are samples I got from purchasing), aka March and April. Some I have enjoyed, some the initial excitement wore off but I still like and use them, and some I do regret buying.  Of course, all of these items will work differently, and while I did do my research, you can’t research how well or badly you react until you actually use them in your normal environment. 

I won’t talk about all of them, because it’ll a make a long post worse, but if there’s something that you see and are interested in, I might give my advice on it for a later topic. 

So I guess I’ll start with face-related items, like foundation and primer.  The only item I regularly use and purchased recently that’s not pictured, is the Too Faced Amazing Face powder, because I usually take it with me to work and that’s where it’s at, haha.

 For primer, I use LORAC’s aquaPrime- I was looking for a primer that’s great for oily and acne prone skin types, and this came highly recommended.  It’s also recommended for sensitive skin, because its fragrance free, along with silicone, paraben, and oil free.  If you haven’t heard of paraben, it’s an ingredient in cosmetics that mimics estrogen.  There are conflicting studies that say that paraben is linked to breast cancer, but to be safe it’s better to avoid it. 

Overall, this primer does its job well.  It is on the expensive side ($32), but I find that my foundation does last a lot longer and it provides that foundation with a really smooth base.  It also feels like gelled water, which is weird to describe, but if you use this product, you know what I mean. 

For foundation I use Too Faced’s Tinted BB Cream in Vanilla Glow.  I was in a total mood for foundation when I purchased it- I was either going to buy a BB Cream or Chanel’s Perfection Lumiere (which I think I’ll later buy for autumn and winter seasons), so I tried this at my Dillard’s store.  It looked amazing when the consultant put this on my face, but right away I noticed something I dread seeing- shimmer.  Shimmer is the root of all evil for oily skintones- I naturally have a “dewy” look, so I don’t need shimmer to make my skin look almost greasy!  The consultant then put the pressed powder on top (good marketing strategy) so I can matte the BB Cream.   

This is one product that I lost the initial excitement for quick.  It’s pricy, ($31) but all US BB Creams are on the pricey side (excluding Garnier) since Asian BB Creams don’t have a variety of colors and are not easily accessible in stores.  I don’t hate the product- I think it does a really nice job of correcting redness, balancing out the hyper pigmentation, and I like the fact that it 20 SPF (something Too Faced prides on) and other benefits such as Vitamins A,E,  Chamomile, and Ginseng, among others.  There are some downfalls- I have the lightest shade, and it’s still a tad too dark.  If you look at swatches of the product online, you can tell the BB Cream removes about half the demographic just from tint and shade.  Also, the shimmer just bugs me to death.  So visually, the BB Cream isn’t for oily skin, even though I have not broken out from using it, or it affecting my skin negatively.  I’m trying to use it up before purchasing something else, because otherwise that’s just money wasted.  It’s a shame it didn’t work for me, but I still think it’s a really good product if it can fit your needs.


For eyes, sometimes I do get lazy and skip eyeshadow (which means also skipping primer) but I’ll include as if I normally do use these. 

For primer I just use the sample of Urban Decay’s Primer Potion that you can buy at Ulta for $10.  I know the full size is just roughly $8-10 more, but I don’t use shadow that much.  When I *do* plan on wearing shadow, I use this because my eyelids are really oily, and I notice the primer does stop the shadow from creasing.   It does also help the shadow last longer, which is nice.  Would I purchase the full size? Probably not- the sample size has lasted me a good two months and I think I still have plenty left.  Would I highly recommend it?  Yes.

For eyeshadow, I recently bought the Urban Decay’s Build Your Own Palette (which includes a small eyeshadow brush and the eyeshadow shade Walk of Shame) and two shades- Buck and Freelove.  I’ve only used Walk of Shame and Buck so far, but they’re absolutely great.  While I do think filling up the palette is expensive, I do like the packaging of the eyeshadows- that you can take these shades out of the palette, pop them back into the original packaging, and take them when you don’t want to carry the palette.  Walk of Shame is such a fabulous color that I think the palette is worth it just for that.  I completely understand the backlash for the palette, since Urban Decay already has great palettes that aren’t as expensive, but I responded better to this.  The eyeshadows are of great quality, as expected, and there’s a nice range of colors that only M.A.C. can best them at.  I will probably buy more shadows in the future because I’m impressed by them, not because I feel like I have to since I bought the palette.

For mascara, I’m a total Falsies convert.  For a good while I used L’Oreal’s Voluminous Mascara in Black Carbon, but I was looking for a change.  I bought this on a whim, and decided to give it a chance, since I didn’t like their previous mascaras so well.  It’s not perfect- you have to be really careful when applying it or use the Michelle Phan business card method, but the results are worth it.  It also is a pain to remove, but luckily my DHC Deep Cleansing Oil does the job. 

For lipbalms, I have to give it up for Maybelline’s Baby Lips and Revlon’s Lip Butters.  These two products are hyped, for good reason.  I also like L’Oreal’s Color Riche Balm, but I think it pales in comparison to these two.  Baby Lips are really affordable, but their choices in color are lacking in comparison to Lip Butters.  Lip Butters have the best pigment and color swatches, but for $7-8 each, it’s almost overpriced, in my opinion.  The great thing is, both these products are usually on sale, so you can afford to go all out with these.  I also caught on the M.A.C. Tendertone hype, but I was only lucky to catch the shade Tread Gently, which is an awesome sheer color.  Since these were limited edition, I’m almost afraid to use it because I’ll run out, but with the LE shades being almost $30-40 since being pulled from market, I’m not that desperate for them.  Sigh…

For lipsticks, I have to hand it to M.A.C.  I’m a total balm person, and lipgloss is too sticky for my taste, but I didn’t get into lipstick until recently.  I was picking up a shade I saw in Seventeen magazine (it was a free digital subscription, who cares if I’m about to turn 27), which was Pro Longwear in Overtime.  I ended up purchasing Viva Glam Nicki as well, and I’ve been very satisfied with these.  Nicki is very bright, but luckily if I pair it with a dark nude lipliner (like NYX’s Natural, which I use for it), it’s not as harsh, and Overtime is just a great pink-nude color for normal use.  I don’t think I’m going to go crazy and buy a million M.A.C. lipsticks, because all I’ll pick are nude, pink, peach, or coral colors, and even then it’ll be hard to use them before they expire.  If you stay practical, it’s easier to get your money’s worth.

And these are the products that made the cut, and it still ended up being a really long post.  This isn’t going to become a beauty blog, because I feel if you stick to a hobby for such a long time, you lose the joy out of it because you’re constantly around it.  I do enjoy makeup, but this is all for fun, and I doubt there’ll be a beauty related posts in the future except for like… once a month, maybe.  If the response is well, I might include more, but I’m not going to change my blog for popularity.  I’m just looking to interact, gain some knowledge and experience, plus express how I feel. 


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