Tidbit Reviews: Porco Rosso, My Neighbors the Yamadas

I meant to do these movie reviews way back in August, but things happened and now too much time went by for me to clearly remember them, but…

…these were the last two Studio Ghibli movies I rented before canceling the DVD service (although I have watched Tales of Earthsea on instant stream)- Porco Rosso and My Neighbors the Yamadas.

I do recommend both movies in different ways- Porco Rosso is classic Ghibli with its mix of realism and imagination, and more Cary Elwes voice acting (seriously, he’s got the perfect voice for cartoons, like Tim Curry).  The movie drags on to almost two hours and it doesn’t focus enough on the friendly rivalry between Porco and Donald and too much on Porco’s plane, but the music is amazing and the movie is entertaining.  This and My Neighbors the Yamadas have pretty good dubbing in their films, so only Whisper of the Heart and Ponyo are the only Disney-handled dubbing I haven’t liked.

My Neighbors the Yamadas is adorable.  While honestly one of the weaker Ghibli films, it’s still pretty good by itself.  I thought the voice acting was perfect, especially Molly Shannon (so underrated), and I liked the idea of their having small stories instead of  a continuous one, so that they can establish better the characters and their family bond.  Also, while the animation was more simple, it is so gorgeous in movement, with its brush stroke and watercolor style.

I might get back into doing reviews for a short period, but I’m more limited with just Netflix instant stream for the time being.  I have found some good stuff on there though, and I might list them in the near future.


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