Now for Something Completely Different

Okay, one photography class in art school doesn’t qualify me as a ~professional~, but damn it I love taking pictures.  This set is from when I went to the Nashville Zoo to celebrate my 26th birthday, so back in mid May.  As luck would have it, it rained on and off all day; I was taught to not use the flash at all, as it distorts the natural colors, and I abide by that belief to this day.  Regardless, most of my pictures ended up awful, these are the few that survived.

Another way rain ruined the day- little to no animal sightings.  What animals did come out refused to stray far from shelter.  Jerks.

Ugh, don’t ask what hairstyle that is- it’s a mohawk mullet…. thing.  That’s my younger brother and his daughter.

Naturally, this is my favorite picture from the set.  Looks can be deceiving, she wasn’t acting sweet that day, haha.

Pictures were taken with a Samsung SL605.


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