Movie Review: Chaos Theory

Warning:  This movie does not have any topless scenes with Ryan Reynolds.  This is not The Proposal.

Frank Allen had it all- he married the girl of his dreams and they had a daughter together.  He had a job he loved, as a speaker to motivate people about time management.  One day, everything changed for Frank.  Being extremely obsessive about his time management himself, he freaks out when his wife set his clock ten minutes ahead as a joke.  He was late for his ferry, meaning he was late to a speech he had to make.  Later that night, bummed, he drank a little.  On the way home, he discovered a woman in labor.  This woman would soon change his life.

Chaos Theory is low budget, but it’s still a good film; the first thirty something minutes of this movie is amazing (excluding the opening segment). Ryan Reynolds impressed me, and I’m not a huge fan of him as a dramatic actor.  He’s funny and believable as a comedic actor, but the upcoming Green Lantern movie will show he’s just not cut out to be an action star.  Quit giving him opportunities, casting agents.  In this, he has that dramatic role, but there are good comedic moments that work in his favor.  It’s also a shame that Stuart Townsend still can’t get that breakout role.  How many good performances does he have to make before people forget he was in Queen of the Damned?

The only thing that really bugged me about this movie is the shit choice in music.  It’s like every lame acoustic performance you’ve probably heard a million times before, except from not-so-great unheard artists.  It’s that bad.

Would I recommend this movie?  Eh, I guess, if you can’t find anything else to watch.  I went into this thinking I’ll hate it- as mentioned before I’m not a fan of Ryan Reynolds.  He’s become this go-to for body eye candy, but he does his best stuff when he’s allowed to be funny and doesn’t have to take his clothes off.  Just Friends and Waiting are two of my favorite recent comedies, and ironically he starred in both of them (he and Anna Faris bounce off each other very well).  However, despite the fact I think he was miscast, he did a good job.  I don’t love this movie and doubt I’ll ever watch it again, but it’s not bad.  I would recommend watching this alone, and only when you’re in a good mood.


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