TV Show Review: Spaced (Season/Series 1)

Across the pond, they do not label their television shows through seasons- they use series.  So, if you’re watching BBC America and they say series finale, they might not mean canceled.

Spaced was created by the two main actors- Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson (now Hynes), and directed by Edgar Wright.  If you read my Scott Pilgrim review, you probably aren’t surprised I picked this.  The plot is this- journalist Daisy (Stevenson) is looking for a new place to live, while comic book artist Tim (Pegg) is also leaving his after the girlfriend leaves him for his best friend.  The two strangers bond from their current situation, but it takes them weeks to find the perfect place- problem is, it’s available for couples only.  Desperate, they pretend to be lovebirds to score that two bedroom apartment.  They end up getting it, though living in the same building as their landlord, they constantly have to pretend they’re lovers while Daisy has a long distance relationship and Tim is still in love with his ex.

While Scott Pilgrim is heavily directed towards nerds, this is more for a general audience.  This show is dated, about 10-11 years old, but there is a timeless appeal about it.  This is for any twenty something stuck in that transition from getting their first place and career, but nowhere near ready for settling down and having adult responsibilities.  There are SOME nerd moments, mainly Tim’s video games (there’s an episode dedicated to zombie visions from playing too much Resident Evil 2) , and Daisy yelling ‘Girl Power’ and throwing a peace sign while being high.  It’s the 90’s, you had to be there.  Anyway, Spaced holds up pretty well, mainly because the small issues the show bring up are still relevant today.  Who wouldn’t want to shoot their arch rival in the balls with a paintball gun?  The jokes are still funny, the writing is still witty, although the constant blur is annoying in today’s era of high definition.

Spaced is a who’s who of British comedians.  Simon Pegg went on to movies, from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz to Star Trek.  Usually following him is Nick Frost, who appeared as Tim’s best friend Mike.  Tim’s former best friend (and girlfriend stealer), Duane, is played by Peter Serafinowicz, who later appeared in a popular ported Adult Swim show Look Around You (which is awesome, check it out), also appeared in Shaun of the Dead as the asshole roommate with the nice car.  David Williams, who’s part of the Little Britain duo, only appeared in one episode as Vulva, a performance artist.  Finally, Bill Bailey, who played Tim’s co-worker in a comic book store, was in Skins (first generation) as Maxxie’s father, and in other various British television shows, most notably Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

I love Spaced.  It makes me feel good about myself at my stage in life, because the characters are around my age, and they haven’t had their shit sorted either.  We twenty somethings have incredible pressure on our lives to be successful, from graduating college in that perfect age of 22, marrying your college sweetheart, getting that perfect job, having kids, retiring from that same perfect job, then promptly die happy.  The grass may seem greener on the other side, but it doesn’t make it more of a happy home.

Spaced‘s second (and last) season/series will be reviewed at a later date.


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