Movie Review: Y tu mamá también

Okay, here’s the deal:  I’ve actually owned this movie for years.  I just never was motivated to watch it.  It even stars one of my favorite actors, Gael García Bernal, but again no interest.  I heard so many good things about it, so when I started the idea for reviewing movies for the summer, I decided, “Damn it, I’m going to watch this”.

Y tu mamá también (Spanish for And your mother also) is about two Mexican teens, Julio and Tenoch, saying goodbye to their girlfriends who are traveling to Italy, and enjoying the perks of freedom.  At a wedding, they meet Luisa, who is married to Tenoch’s cousin.  The two teens talk to her about going to a beautiful and secluded beach called Heaven’s Mouth, even though they made it up.  Luisa declines when they offer her to join them, but decides to go after her husband admits to cheating on her.  While initially thrilled she accepted, Julio and Tenoch panic because they’d soon be caught in a big lie.

The real reason why I was hesitant to watch because there’s nudity and sex in it.  I’m honestly pretty uncomfortable with sex as a theme.  I could tell you why, but it’s a big issue of my childhood that I’m going to skip mentioning.  It’s not a porno:  I think there’s only a few instances of sex and masturbation, and some shots of nudity.  While I think it’s important that sex should be less taboo and more openly discussed, again, it’s more of my emotional ties to sex that I just find it uncomfortable to watch or talk about it.

I’m glad I watched the movie, because after all the sexual stuff has been resolved, it’s actually excellent.  The movie may have seemed in the beginning  as a road trip movie, but it brought issues that anyone can relate.  Tenoch and Julio thought they had a solid friendship, but the trip made them realize that’s not true.  Luisa had her own problems, with the loss of her marriage and stability in her life, but she used her pain to break free and enjoy life to the fullest.  That’s pretty admirable.  While it’s still technically a ‘vacation to discovery’ theme, it’s well done and the ending was a complete surprise.  Kudos to Alfonso Cuarón.

Is this a movie I would recommend?  If you can tolerate reading subtitles (but there’s always dubbing) and bear with watching the sexual stuff, then yes, I definitely would.  It may not seem good at the beginning, but at the end I was blown away by it.


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